Martin Hall – Services Rendered

Martin Hall – Services Rendered

Back in 2018 I met up with Martin Hall in connection with an upcoming tour around Denmark. He presented me with a song he was working on and I was immediately struck by the power of the song.

In my mind I heard strings as the perfect extra for the song and I offered to write a string arrangement for the song.

After a bit of back and forth we landed in a place of romantic classically sounding strings. We went into the studio with Johnny Stage as the producer and 5 strings players.

The recording features Eskild Winding (piano), Tinne Albrectsen (violin), Gustav Ranum (violin), Nicolaj Møller Nielsen (viola), Live Johansson (cello) and Andreas Bennetzen (string bass)

The session went really well an Thomas Li mixed and mastered the track. The result is breathtaking and very moving.

Listen to Martin Hall Services Rendered

Martin Hall is an amazing artist and a great person. I really like working with him, but unfortunately he only tours every 5 years.

It is how he prefers to work. He also writes books and excels in other artforms so touring is not his first priority.

The Danish Magazine Gaffa wrote a review of the tour and it was a top rated 6 star review.

Gaffa Review

Martin also made a music video for Services Rendered. A very emotional video in Black&White with Martin as the only performer. The video has been filmed by Robin Skjoldborg and features sequences produced by Staal Film. Edited by Michael Webster and Johnny Stage.

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15th annual Double Bass Masterclass in Germany

15th annual Double Bass Masterclass in Germany

The masterclass line-up is ready!

We are ready with the faculty for the Mittenwald International Double Bass Masterclass 2020.

This is the 15th time we invite double bass players of all levels from around the world to join us for a week of double bass studies in the German Alps.

We are very excited about having the great Szymon Marciniak with us this year as the special guest teacher.

Faculty group

Professor Jeff Bradetich – classical double bass

Szymon Marciniak – classical duble bass

Andreas Bennetzen(Andy Benz) – cross over and live-looping

Alex Bayer – jazz

Alexis Scharff – classical double bass

and physiotherapist, Angela Gebler

More info and photos from participants

Please visit our Facebook Group with lots of photos and videos from the previous years uploaded by the students.


You can register online by following this link.

Online Registration

Or you can send an email to if you want to learn more or want to register by mail

The story of the masterclass

Since it´s foundation in 2005, professor Jeff Bradetich has held a Double Bass Camp every summer in Mittenwald together with Andreas Bennetzen.

Jeff Bradetich is a double bass professor at the University of North Texas and a world famous classical music performer.
Andreas Bennetzen is a leading, classically trained cross-over bassist and composer.

—Highlights include—

-Multi-level teaching
-Solo lessons
-Intense technical training
-Orchestral training
-Attention and room for your personal needs
-Basses that you can borrow for FREE
-A nice friendly learning environment
-Highly experienced faculty
-Focus on your development
-Concerts, workshops and insight into the world of double bass making in company with famous double bass maker Michael Krahmer Pöllmann.

Mittenwald is a historic town situated in the Bavarian Alps 938 meters up the Karwendelspitz-  this area has always had excellent wood for building instruments and is the home of the Pöllmann double basses.

The town is also a popular tourist attraction so it´s full of cosy restaurants, hotels and bavarian good spirits.